A Ministry of St John's with St Mary's church, Mansfield.                                                             Charity No 1143132


From Wednesday 1st July we will be reverting to a take away service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12pm and 1pm. This is due to the restrictions around the Covid 19 situation and this service will be available to anyone who is homeless, has no income/benefit sanctions etc. Proof of circumstances or a referral will be required.

Although we will be extremely grateful to receive donations of food and clothing, while this situation remains we will only be able to accept limited donations, this is due to lack of resources and storage. All deliveries of donations will have to be booked in, to arrange a delivery slot please call us on 07943 630952.

We will update Facebook with anything we are currently struggling with and ask people to kindly stick to this list of items for the time being.

The best way for you to make further enquiries about our project is to call us on 07943 630952. Due to a shared working pattern over the next two months, access to e-mails and facebook enquiries maybe limited, so please do not rely on this form of communication. Calls will be checked on our working days and we will reply to any messages as soon as possible.

Here is a list of current needs for our food parcels or kitchen stores

Tinned rice pudding/Tinned fruit/ Tinned meat or fish/pot noodles/Tineed mushy peas
chocolate bars/crisps/biscuits/
Cereal bars/Cereal/UHT milk/sugar/coffee
Dilute squash/cans or catrons of pop
Wet wipes/toilet roll/Kitchen roll/Hand sanitizer
T-shirts/jeans or jogging bottoms /boxer shorts(small to medium sizes)
Trainers (sizes 6-10)

If you are rough sleeping or are worried about someone who is rough sleeping and need urgent support or information please call the Framework outreach team on 0800 0665356 or Mansfield District Coucil on 01623 463050.