Links to other organisations

Our mission to support the homeless / vulnerably housed & marginalised of Mansfield is no small feat.  We know we can’t do it alone.  So we have built, and continue to build, relationships with other organisations in our area. Some are specialists in key areas of need, others work in similar ways to the Beacon, supporting some of the most vulnerable in Mansfield.

It’s a massive task, and only by working together can we enable the people we serve to make a real change in their lives……lighting the way to a better future.


Our links

St John’s with St Mary’s Church

The Beacon is part of the ministry of St John’s with St Mary’s, Mansfield who set up the project over 20 years ago. They remain passionate about supporting the local community through the work of the Beacon and provide the oversight of the charity. To learn more click the link below.


Framework is a great charity to be able to partner with. They offer housing, health and employment support to those who need it. It is great to be able to partner with Framework to support the marginalised and those in need in Mansfield. To learn more about Framework and the great work that they do, click below.

Mansfield Street Support

Mansfield Street Support is an organisation connecting all the different support that is available in Mansfield in one place. We are proud to be part of this great network of charities that seek to support those who are sleeping rough. If you want to learn more about Mansfield Street Support, click below.